Cherry City Cyclists and Quackcyclists warmly welcome you  to our 2020 double centuries.

Please note: Due to issues related to the wildfires (road closures, smoke, etc), the ride window for all ClubDub courses will be open from now until October 11th.)

For many years now, we have produced “staff rides” for our volunteers. This concept of a “club-sized double” (ClubDub for short) is very similar and would work as follows:

·         Each of our rides, the Best of the Bay (BOB), Devil Mountain (DMD), and Knoxville (KX),  will have a "ride window" including 5 Saturdays. You can ride any day within the window.

·         Windows are as follows:

                DMD: August 1 through August 29

                KX: August 22 through September 19th

                BOB: September 12th through October 10th


·         Club-sized groups would include 1 to 10 riders and 1 or 2 volunteers. Riders that complete the course would receive CTC ride credit. Volunteers would receive CTC volunteer credit.

·         Each team would have a “Ride Team Leader” who would be the main contact for the group. This person would coordinate the riders and volunteers for the group. When signing up as part of a team, you need to specify the team of which you are a part. If you're willing to be a team leader but don't have a team, let us know when you sign up -- we may put you to work.

·         You must sign up at least 10 days in advance of your target ride date -- 2 weeks would be preferable.

·         All riders and volunteers will be sent a waiver through our signature server, AdobeSign, that must be signed. Failure to sign the waiver prior to riding and pay the appropriate fee will result in no credit.

·         The per rider cost for each event entered will be $50.

·         These small group rides will be ridden on any of the published versions of our courses. Route sheets will be provided. However, the group can decide where on the course and when their “ride” will start and end. For example, if I lived in Livermore, I could start/finish the BOB at Robertson Park rather than driving to Castro Valley. In choosing your start time, the main thing to consider is that Mt Diablo, which is part of both the BOB and DMD, is only open to cyclists between 8:00 AM and dusk. Please do not be in the park when it is closed.

·         Riders will have a maximum of 24 hours to complete the course.

·         All riders must submit a Strava file following the ride.


·         Each rider will receive an attestation form that must be electronically signed following the event.


·         Each rider would send a “start” text and a “finish” text to the designated person (Cheryl Hopkins for the BOB and Scott Halversen for DMD and KX).


·         Everyone must follow any and all laws, rules, and regulations in place at the time of the ride. With the pandemic, these seem to change on almost a daily basis, but above all, we need to do all we can to be safe. I believe DC riders have some of the best fitness levels out there, but on these events, we often push ourselves to extreme levels and likely are quite vulnerable by the end of the day (or night).

·         We love putting on bike rides. For this year, we need your help. We hope it is as rewarding for you as it is for us.

Cheryl & Scott

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